Case Study: "How smart outsourcing grew our membership by 45% in less than 3 months"

"Hands down, hiring Kat has been the best business decision we have ever made."

This is a story about how two very very busy membership co-founders (and yes real life sisters) were able to delegate the majority of their membership admin, ruduce their workload by 75% in less than 3 months AND increase their client membership by 45%! 


Introducing The Merrymaker Sisters

Emma and Carla, aka The Merrymaker Sisters have built an online Pilates and Yoga Studio (MerryBody) with a large membership base.

A membership they loved, until it became, as they describe it, "an admin monster". They were so consumed with posting, publishing, emailing, editing etc they had lost sight of the joy in it. 

I am going to walk you through the process of how they were to able to transform their business (and indirectly their lives - their words not mine!) through working with Kat, founder of Your Online Team & Membership Support. 

Let's hear what they have to say. 


"We trusted Your Online Team and that was the amazing thing, it was like we were no longer alone."

"We had all these ideas of where we wanted to take our business, what we wanted to give to our community but we were stuck in the nitty gritty of the admin. With the membership business model, we didn't really know what was involved and it became this monster of administration. There was no space for any creativity. And it was at a point where we said to ourselves, what have we done? And how do we get out of this? We just had no idea, we were really stuck."

They had heard of Kat and Your Online Team and seen the amazing results that had been achieved by other business owners but were still unsure if they would be able to get the same results. 
"There were tasks that we thought there is no way we could give this away. Through some coaching with Kat, we created this dream list of everything we could delegate, gave that list to Kat and took the leap. Hands down, it has been the best business decision we've ever made. We're now able to do the things that we love. And our business is process-driven."

Working with Your Online Team

The Merrymakers started working with Kat and Your Online Team in March. They kicked off the process with a comprehensive Breakthrough session reviewing the entire business and mapped out a 90 Day Operational plan. It was agreed that the recruitment of a team was the best next action. The Merrymakers sent Kat and her Team a long list of all of the main tasks of their business -  they categorised them by skill set, and went to work identifying ideal team members and managed the whole recruitment process.

"We didn't know how to find the right people. And we didn't know what we would do with those people once they started, so it was really quite scary and overwhelming. But Your Online Team made it really easy and streamlined for us. There were processes, they were holding our hands through this entire process. And I think, the most surprising thing was how quickly the team grasped everything. I thought it would take months but within weeks we were working like a machine. This is no joke. Our new VA was doing things within a week that I felt was going to take months. So that was the best thing."

Your Online Team also created a core Project Management System, using Asana to list all of the tasks and processes of the business. They developed an onboarding sequence for the new hire, and every process was documented and stored on the Merrymakers digital SOP library in Gdrive. 

Increasing the MerryBody Membership by 45%

"During this time we were working on building our membership so that we could help more people. There was a lot of things going on in our back end and we had a launch campaign going on. And we were able to spend all of our time on this campaign because we had our team members and Your Online Team looking after everything else. We had one month of growth where we wanted to bring in a lot of members and we saw a membership rise of 45% and I know that this wouldn't have happened without the help and the guidance and everything that Your Online Team did for us in the months prior and during that time. I just want to cry right now. I just got tingles talking about it. Like that's how amazing it's been. This whole experience has been amazing. We wouldn't have been able to do what we did with this campaign without you guys."

Working with an OBM (Online Business Manager)

"Working with an OBM, has been really an amazing experience, to have someone come in and manage everything, including us.  We definitely needed that. We needed help and we just didn't know who the right person was and an OBM was definitely it. 
We needed that higher level person who could oversee everything, who had experience and could come in and say, "This is what you need to do.". So I think that the greatest thing was that weight off our shoulders. We had really big goals for the three months and in a very short amount of time, the results we had were unbelievable."

"And I just want to add the reduction in stress, that's a major thing. The business just started taking up so much of our time and it became difficult. Having the help, and then the strategy implemented, it was amazing to actually have the time and space to sit down and say what do we even want to do now? Like, what do we want to welcome in? I think that's why we all start these businesses because we have that creative desire, and we have this desire to want to build something and share it and help people and now it feels like okay, we can do it again."

Comments from Kat

Emma and Carla were amazing to work with, here are the highlghts for me: 

  • They pushed past the fear of the outsourcing unknowns and trusted that this was the next right step for their membership
  • To the day Carla enjoys seeing how much she can hand off to her amazing team. She feels like she has no job anymore. Yay!
  • Emma and Carla now get to focus on what they love the most, connecting with their members

What an honour to work with these two amazing dynamic women who are impacting so many.