Let's remove roadblocks, gain clarity and plan forward for the next step of your membership business. 

Super committed to growing your membership business?

But maybe you're not sure what your next step should be? 

Or you have questions about strategy, team, systems or your next launch? I'm glad you're here! 

The success of your membership relies on you to be action orientate and ready to implement. 

And I really love working with people who are committed to making their membership work. 

With my 10 years online business experience I am confident that no matter stage you are at, I can make a huge difference to your business and mindset.  

I cannot wait to chat! 


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What Others Are Saying

Trish - Membership Newbie

I just wanted to tell you that I so appreciated your easy going countenance and friendly presence.  You were very welcoming and so effortlessly put me at ease :) You never got flustered or frustrated with those of us newbies (like many grandchildren do teaching their grandparents how to use a cell phone) and you so patiently facilitated at the speed I needed. You have a gift my friend. 

Deborah - Just Launched

"Thank you so much for your feedback! You made my day. Your workshop was super helpful! I was able to incorporate all of your teachings into my website. Thank you!"

Karin - Membership Owner

Before hiring Kat, I was feeling lost and somewhat confused about how to set up my membership. Kat was a godsend as she took care of all the "tech" stuff and let me worry about the content that I needed to add. Without her, it would have taken me 3 times longer (ok, maybe 10,)  to get it done all myself. Kat also guided me through my website so that I understood the basics of it and how I could navigate it on my own after she was done. 


Katie - Midnight Music Membership

"With Kat's help my membership has grown by 150%"

Jocelyn - Flipped Lifestyle Membership

"Kat and her team make it so easy to get out of the weeds of your membership"

 Here's How It Works!

You'll book a 1 hour zoom call with me. 

We'll cover;

  • What's currently working in your membership and what's holding you back from reaching your goals 
  • We'll explore the best growth strategies for you
  • And then let's plan for successful juggling of all-the-things required to build grow and run your business
  • Leave the session knowing exactly what you need to do next to move your business forward

I cannot wait to chat! 


Book Your 1:1 Coaching Session

Hey there, I'm Kat!

I'm an expert in membership systems, operations and marketing.

I'm lucky to spend my days helping membership site owners build awesome businesses by setting up kick-ass systems, managing teams and taking away that mundane (but necessary) admin that can distract a business owner from the things that matter most when building a membership. 

My first membership was sooo hard to build because I did it all myself, spent too much time working on the wrong things and had no idea how to get the help I needed. It always felt hard and I believe my lack of skills with systems and outsourcing were 100% to blame.

Since that time I've been the Right Hand in many thriving memberships. There is nothing membership related that I haven't done...

I know what it takes to build a membership that not only creates loads of revenue but also allows freedom of time. It's my mission to show every membership site owner how they too can work less and earn way more.

Let's work through your next steps so you can build that thriving membership you've dreamed about! 

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