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How to get past the fear of hiring in your membership business


Lots of entrepreneurs wait a long time to hire their first team members.




So many reasons. Some that I see often: 

  • They are a perfectionist and sure that no one could ever do things the way you like them;
  • They're scared of wasting money. You feel the need to hold on to every last dollar and get anxious at the thought of spending large amounts on a team (especially when you can do it all yourself!);
  • They don't even know where to start to find good team members;
  • They have no idea how to delegate and don't really want to manage a team.

Your growth depends on it, so it's ok to pay to go faster!


My friend Jill Stanton often says that, in her business, she is more than happy to pay to go faster. 


You can baby step it 


You have options 


If a crappy money mindset is the reason you aren't hiring, do the work to move past that. As a business owner, one thing I have had to work on for many years is my money mindset. And it's still a work in progress! I can't tell you how often I do something in my business that could be done by a $7 an hour Virtual Assistant because I slip into old scarcity habits around money.



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