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Hi, I'm Kat, and for 5 years I've been helping membership site owners thrive while working (and stressing) way less. Yay!


More About Me

Case Study

Doing ALL the things for your membership might be a great idea at the start but soon it will actually hurt your growth. Read how Carla and Emma Papas gained back their time and grew their membership by a huge 45%. 

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Get Your Time Back

If you're like many membership owners, chances are you are crazy busy doing all the things. Getting your time back is so essential to the future growth of your business. My mission is to give you all the time-saving tips you can handle. 

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Don't know where to start with systems & outsourcing?  

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We know you're working hard to grow your Membership


But chances are your to-do list is a mile long. 

And probably not filled with tasks that will actually move the needle and grow your biz. Is this you?

What you wish you were doing every day

  • Creating amazing new member content.
  • Planning your next big promotion.
  • Writing that blog post that's been on your mind for a month.
  • Getting new members!!

What you're actually doing every day...

  • Answering customer service emails.
  • Clearing your inbox
  • FB group admin
  • Writing your weekly newsletter.
  • Scheduling social media posts.
  • Chasing failed payments.
  • Scheduling email reminders for client calls/events 
  • Scheduling social media posts to Facebook groups and/or pages.
  • Facebook group administration; inclusive of adding and removing members, monitoring comments and messages.
  • Drafting and sending out the weekly newsletter.
  • Scheduling and creating meeting links.
  • Event scheduling
  • Monitoring failed payments
  • Processing cancellations
  • Publish blog posts
  • Tracking Membership Metrics
  • Monitoring paused memberships
  • Reminding annual members of their renewals.

Removing yourself from the weeds of your business is the best way to grow a profitable membership!

Katie Wardrobe

"With Kat's help my membership has grown by 150%"

Carla & Emma

"... amazing, our workload decreased by a massive 75%!"

Jaimee Maree

"I just took my first vacation in 10 years, thanks Kat!"

Karyn Parkinson

"... the best thing we've ever done in our business to allow us to grow"

Jocelyn Sams

"Kat and her team make it so easy to get out of the weeds of your membership"

Derek Gehl

"Kat is one of the few people I would recommend without hesitation."

The Exact Process I Use To Find, Hire & Train Rockstar Virtual Assistants


I designed this course for the busy membership CEO who is looking for an effective and simple solution to reducing the day-to-day business admin, WITHOUT all the mistakes that happen with first-time hiring.

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Wouldn't you love to get back to the revenue-generating tasks you should be spending your time on?



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